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Brazil Travel News offers all the information about travel to Brazil you should know before you go.

Check here for tours to Brazil and all South America or go straight to the following popular tours to Brazil:

Rio & the Gold Route - A trip through the colonial highlights of Brazil (8 Days)
Rio Imperial & Beaches - Experience the wonders of Rio de Janeiro and relax at the beaches of secluded Buzios (8 Days)
Rhythm & Diamonds - Experience the African roots of Brazil and be overwhelmed by incredible landscapes (8 Days)
Coast of the Conquerors - Discover the treasures of Brazil's Northeast coast (8 Days)
Rio & The Amazon - See marvelous Rio de Janeiro and the abundant nature of the Amazon (8 Days)
Brazilian Exuberance - See Rio de Janeiro and the Pantanal, South America's Texas-sized wetlands. (8 Days)
Tango Samba & Waterfalls - Buenos Aires, Iguassu Falls, Rainforest and Rio de Janeiro, all in one tour (10 Days)
See also the New Year's, Carnival's & Oktoberfest Tour Versions!

For other travel options to South America check out the South America Multicountry tours as well as travels to Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Here also an Invitation to travel to Brazil, written with love and insight by a Brazilian, explaining why you would travel to Brazil.

Brazil Travel News is an informational source for your travel needs.

Brazil is the 5th largest country with the 12th largest economy, is multifaceted: The rich and diverse culture of Brazil arises from multiple influences in the country's history (native Indians, European & Asian emigrants, slaves from Africa). Even the spectra of Brazil's nature is immense - from seductive beaches to the unique flora & fauna of the Amazon Rainforest...

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Additionally, you will find further information about travelling and touring throughout South America including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

Brazil Travel News publishes a monthly newsletter and makes latest news on Brazil as well as on travel to Brazil available. So you always find the current information on what's happening in South Americas only Portuguese-speaking nation - a country larger than the continental USA!

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